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It is Orthodox Easter today.
We decorated the eggs, baked and had great Easter here.
Here is a picture of the eggs.
Великденски яйца


We are currently reorganizing the blog and the site, so it wil be one blog-site soon.

It is springtime and some really nice and important to me holidays are all packed in the next month, including Palm Sunday and Orthodox Easter in the end of April.

I will be taking a few weeks off the blog land /or at least th English part of it/ and will focus on the new site, Bulgarian part of blog land and the holidays/which will occupied most ot the coming month.

Yes, this blog and the site are written in both languages and they are mixed together on the home page. This may look ery cute or really strange.

Please use one of these categories to see all the posts in English only: Blog or English.
Any other category with an English name will show you only posts, written in English, regarding this category,

I am spending less and less time sewing these days. The technical issues regarding the eshop and some organizational decisions are taking most of my time.

The baby products we initially placed in the shop are quite a few. I am making plans for the next products to join them – pillows, table runners, etc. I have long hours in playing with some ideas and getting new inspirations in magazines and the web.

The most interesting thing is, often I am forced to choose the fabric first, and than play with all the shape, size and effects options depending on the fabrics chosen,

The quilt I have made so far were my projects or custom orders.

The eshop started with handmade items, but no patchwork at all. Today I placed two quilts to be made to order.

It is not a big step. But I am happy I placed something „patchwork“ in the shop. Need to make some company for them soon.

… /after the first post/ I was too busy with my current major project – starting my e-shop – to post anything about the crafting I made meanwhile.

The good news is the e-shop is set up and about to be fully operating. I keep on adding new items and still sorting issues regarding the web design, but it is out there and I am so happy we managed to come to this point.

More details and pictures pretty soon 🙂

Welcome to my brand new blog!

It is my new way to keep track of all of my quilting and sewing activities and happy adventures in Sewingland.

Hopefully it will be a great tool to categorize all my other interests too 🙂 like feng shui, interior design and numerology
… after I get used to blogging and managing this account of course.

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